Welcome!! How This Works

May 31, 2014 in Featured by SocialCowgirl

Thank You for Joining the PlumSocial Community!

Many things have changed in our industry, one being how websites are ranked on search engines. What used to hold the most weight in search engine rankings are not holding the same weight anymore, today social media has taken over that role.

This is how it works…

When your article is shared on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Social Bookmarking Sites search engines recognize it as being relevant information. Articles that offer the most relevant information on a specific topic will rank the highest on search engines. The higher you rank on search engines the more traffic is directed to your article.

What about backlinks?…

Of course, backlinks are extremely important when ranking in search engines and driving traffic to your blog. PlumSocial is a solution to getting more backlinks and social media shares on autopilot. Our community consists of individuals in network marketing, affiliate marketing, top tier programs and more. What’s special about our concept is that everyone that is part of the community helps each other in driving traffic to their content.

How does this work?…

I’ll give you the short version of how this works.

The concept is to help promote each others content and achieve viral exposure across the Internet. We ensures that this happens by enforcing the rule that you MUST share the content of another community member before being able to submit your content for sharing. This is a great concept that not only forces sharing but build relationships amongst entrepreneurs in the industry.

We are working on the ability to auto-syndicate your content submissions and auto-share your followers submissions. So each time you post content to your blog, you can automatically feed it to other PlumSocial users for auto-syndication across all of the social media platforms.

So my advice to you is…

If you create content and would like for it to rank on search engines PlumSocial is most likely for you.